Living area

If you need to illuminate the living area, a multi-level strategy is usually used with larger lamps to completely illuminate the room and then smaller ones are used for specific areas such as the reading corner, a wall or a shelf. The lighting of the entire room depends on the arrangement of the furniture and on the position of the electrical outlets. The two big areas into which the room is divided are certainly the dining area and the so-called conversation area, the two areas can be linked by floor lamps. The solutions can be multiple, for example a living room chandelier on the dining table is necessary in order to have adequate lighting. If the sofas are placed at an angle, here too it would be good to place a table lamp. The new LED technology as well as significant energy savings have also allowed us to be able to play with light modulation, in many cases companies have developed a lighting control system via smartphone, so without getting off the couch it is possible to change the intensity and modulate the spread. The atmospheres that can be recreated are different, for example: relaxation, concentration, reading or synchronizing light with your favorite music. It is also very easy to find a TV in the living area, even here it would be useful to use a light-colored light to avoid whatching the TV in the dark and damaging the view. A solution could be the appliques, an optimal response to this kind of needs, they illuminate without the discomfort of direct light.
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Lampada da tavolo a luce diretta e indiretta, struttura stampata interamente in resina.
€401.38 €361.24

Lampada da tavolo, corpo in metallo e braccio in alluminio orientabile verniciati nel colore bianco.
€732.00 €658.80

Lampada da parete a luce diretta e indiretta.
€134.20 €120.78

Lampada da parete a luce diffusa, base in resina nel colore bianco,
€170.80 €153.72

Lampada da terra a luce diffusa, struttura in alluminio verniciato in colore argento, per lampade fluorescenti
€1,024.00 €921.60



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